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  1. So you know……….I have to agree with you Patterson, DAMN what a great pizza place they were. And what great memories are hidden in the back of my aging mind about the fun we had there. Although never as “ambrosia” as Pizza America was, I have had some pizzas that have teeterd on the edge of absolute fantastic, in my many travels around the country over the past 9 years. There was a dive-of-a-place in a Detroit suburb, in a building coated in flour dough and olive oil from years of it blowing through the air as they tossed the pies around. And a sauce recipe that was from their great-great grandmother, that came out of their greasy oven….. boiling in the middle of the pizza and hand grated cheeses bubbling with popping sounds. MMM…I still taste it. By the way, didn’t I call you from there that day, oh about 7 something years ago?

    I still remember the Pizza America jingle playing on those radio stations in Abilene that still play the same stack of records to this day using the same DJ. Hell, they might even still be playing the jingle not knowing that they even closed down!