The Gary Seven project – the what, the who, and the why are already documented on our website http://supervisor194.com/about.html but there are some extras I had plans of sharing some day that just had no place on the site.

Along with our two themes I used and recorded with live musicians, Gary Seven Theme 1 and Gary Seven Theme 2 (which is actually the third one I wrote.)  There were additional theme songs I wrote but eventually made the decision against.   I didn’t have them recorded with real musicians when I recorded the two used on the YouTube clips.  These are only midi files using instrument sounds from the computer that approximate real instruments.   So keep that in mind.   I’d like to record these some day.

On a side note, I’ve written and or have ideas for incidental music that would have been in the show such as lead in music from the top of the show and commercials, sexy music that most assuredly would have been there for female guest stars and Terri Garr, etc.

Not to be confusing but the working title of this was Gary Seven Theme 2…being the second theme I wrote.  But as I was finishing the third theme I decided the two were too similar, the latter version was better… and it had a little more substance.  This version somehow struck me as a little more action oriented than I think the show would have been or more appropriate for a show revolving around a guy and a talking car.   Or, I don’t know,… maybe it would have worked.

(unused) Gary Seven 2

Yeah, I like that descending chromatic harpsichord line.  (It kind of became a running joke with myself after a while)

Writing three or four themes in February I was still into writing TV spy themes full bore up until March.

There was one I had in my head and finally had time to put down on paper at spring break that month.   This one, I must admit, I really like, but it’s not exactly a Gary Seven theme.   I see it more as a mix between mundane, every day private detective, and sci fi, out of this world, interloper.   For some reason I see Lansing as more of a Jim Rockford type in a rumpled sports jacket who falls into the extra terrestial world.   And this would have been a show that pre-dates both “The The Rockford Files” and “Kolchak: The Night Stalker”.

Here is the theme song for the untitled detective/scif show with Robert Lansing.

I call it “Another Spy Show”

* Bonus   –  This is a theme song written deliberately to sound very stereo-typical sci-fi show-ish.  Since the sound card in my computer doesn’t have a theremin sound sample, and I’ve never known anyone until now who actually owns one (Nicky, your buddy Darian? Someday, maybe) it also is just a midi file.  Again, maybe someday. (And yes, I found a way to weave that harpsichord line in there again)

My then, 2 yr old son, used to cry at this one.   He had a thing about high notes.   Maybe he was right.

I believe this probably would have been a BBC production.

stereo-typical sci-fi theme

Ok, I think all three would sound better with live musicians.

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  1. Continuing to groove on your work, and digging the blog!

  2. Ah, but have you read the second part of the extras? You’re mentioned.

  3. Wow, nice. I like the similar musical thread running between “(unused) Gary Seven 2” and the “Gary Seven Theme 2”. I agree with your comment about the Jim Rockford sci-fi interloper motif (I like how you mentioned Kolchack and rumpled suit together). Good one! Well, Darian actually owns and uses what is known more accurately as an Electro-Tannerin (my other friend Todd has and plays a real theremin). The Electro-Tanerrin was designed (and a unit hand built specifically for him to use for Brian Wilson) by Professor Paul Tanner (http://www.imdb.com/name/nm0849683/bio). I loved “Another Spy Show”. Also, harpsichord just happens to be my fave instrument–always has been (a bit of Trelane in all of us, I suppose?) Tally Ho! I enjoyed your other extras… the images. You and your bro really did an excellent job in creating an authentic “vibe” (edits, choice of images, pacing, etc… ) to “Assignment: Earth–The Series” without [it] merely being some exercise in pop romanticism or some goofy anachronistic thing (but then again, what is “new” when certain “old” things never got to see the light of day?). The late ’60s was such an exciting and vibrant period that Hollywood and much of the literary science/speculative fiction community often dip into that well lately. Just check out any Tarantino film. Turbulent times often create, for better or for worse, superior art–in all genres and human arenas. Although what’s the problem these days? Where’s the “future”? (I’m nostalgic for it already!) Maybe like in Huxley’s “Brave New World”, we’ve perverted (or have been imposed upon) our vision of a beautiful world. We have so many time saving devices but no time left to do anything. Media overload. And sadly, going “back” is not an option. I don’t think our beloved pop culture visionaries (Roddenberry, Phillip K. Dick, The Beatles) thought that way. The looked behind, did their “thing”, and plowed forward. End of rant.
    I still love how you managed to combine all the separate musical elements and mix them together to create a “feel” that’s spooky-perfect. I hope some big bucks Hollywood-type hears/views your stuff, opts to do an Assignment: Earth cable TV project and gets you and your bro to do it right. High praise, yes–but all true, my friend. Thanks for the “extras”. Cool.

  4. Thanks man. Nice words.

    I see a lot of things that people like Ben Stiller and Tarantino are doing and think I need to be out there doing it too.

    I sing West Side’s “There’s a place for us” a lot to myself.

  5. I was gonna tell you how to go about building your own Theremin (or as Nick correctly put it, Electro Tannerin), but it seems it’s been covered by people better qualified than I.

    As always, love your stuff & hope to hear more of it! If you’re in need of a bassist to “liven” up your trax, when Monica & I come up next week, let me know & I’ll bone up on the form.

    ‘Til later —

  6. Yeah, I was surprised and happy to hear one of our friend’s song used at the end of the Tarantino’ “Death Proof” installment of the Grindhouse films. The song was “Chick Habit” by April March (). So I guess it’s possible to connect up with the “right” people who get “it” in film industry once in awhile. Our pals and cohorts keep telling Darian and me that we should be the ones to do the soundtrack for the next (upcoming?) “Barbarella” flick. THAT would be cool. Alas, I’m sure they’ll just get Madonna instead–kinda like the travesty of Jack White and Alicia Keys doing the title track for the last 007 film. Alicia was good, and Jack does his own thing OK, but as duo doing a Bond song–p.u. It deserved better. Just get Shirley Bassey (again). At 73(!) she still can blow any of them out of the water performance-wise. Have you heard her latest album from 2009? She’s fantastic. Anyhow, I enjoyed your out takes.

  7. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pyxftLC7gew

  8. Would love to hear you on Barbarella. Would fit perfectly.

    Maybe I’ll lean how to play theremin myself. I haven’t listened to that song until I dusted it off for this entry. Makes me want to do something with it now.

    And love that Shirley Bassey.

    Tell me that story on that “Chick Habit”.

  9. Well, the story on “Chick Habit” is: the girl who sang it, April March, did a cover of an old Ye Ye Pop song by France Gall (penned by that rascal Serge Gainsbourg!) on her album. Darian’s ex-girlfriend, Lisa Jenio, used to be in a band with her back in New Jersey (they both emigrated to the west coast in the ’90s). That’s how we met April. Did you check out April doing the song live (on YouTube)? Check out her vid for this cool song (“Mignonette”) she sings Ye Ye style in French: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8SlhDmEYhi8

  10. “Barbarella psychedella,
    There’s a kind of cockleshell about you.
    Dazzle me with rainbow colour;
    Fade away the duller shade of living.”

  11. The Avengers: In Colour!

  12. Patrick Macnee and Diana Rigg. Fun stuff.

  13. Where did you learn about this? Can you give me the source?

    Sent from my iPad 4G

  14. Well, I’m referring to my work and my site….so I’m the source. Did you even read this post? Or is another one of the fishing attempts? Your URL looks valid, so what do you mean? Check out Supervisor194.com….tells all.